In May 2009, I was in Cortona at a spring school organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Cortona is a really nice place in Southern Tuscany close to the border to Umbria and Lago Trasimeno and is nicely situated on a hill.
If you look closely, you can see Lago Trasimeno in the background.
On top of the hill, there was an old fortress.
Lunch time !
Ah, again a picture taken from the fortress. (Who sorted these pictures ?)
Another nice view (how boring...).
A Chinese at its favourite activity ;-)
Waiting for the pizza... Guess who the German guy is ! Yes, the one with the beer.
Finally, we got our pizza and sat down on main square.
The main square of Cortona was really picturesque, however a bit too big for a photo.
The location of the school was really nice and quite impressive. They called it the "Palazzone".
Also from the inside, the Palazzone was quite nice with its painted walls.
New technology and old art
On Saturday, the Scuola organized a trip to the close town of Arezzo. They had a small celebration there...
... threw flags (and caught them).
Apparently, the celebration was organized by the police - don't ask me, what kind of police. There are so many kinds in Italy. However, it was neither the carabinieri nor the mafia.
Nice, eh ?
On Sunday, we rented a car and drove to beautiful, but touristy Siena. These are some people of our group.
After waiting half an hour in line, we climbed up this tower...
... and had a nice view of the central square of Siena, on which the famous horse race called Palio takes place (see James Bond - A Quantum of Solace).
The Duomo of Siena.
The whole group.
The Duomo was very impressive from inside (and nicely cool, as I remember).
In the last week, we decided to go to Castiglione del Lago ...
... on Lago Trasimeno and lie at the beach. Although we did not really find a nice beach, the village was quite nice.