View from Nordkette northwards
Innsbruck from Nordkette
Hafelekar, Nordkette
The technical campus and IQOQI from above
Basilica Wilten
Stiftskirche Wilten
On a hiking tour close to Wank, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Good old Heidelberg seen from the Philosophers' Way
Promenaders along the Neckar in winter (Man, you should see summer !)
The ski resort K\FChtai
Mountains in the ski resort Schlick 2000 of Fulpmes in the Stubai valley
What a view !
Again, Schlick 2000
The castle of Schwetzingen
Typically London
Very British
I guess you know that
Picadilly Circus
Financial crisis ? Never heard.
Very British, also.
For people from the continent
One of the four castles in Neckarsteinach
Shoot !
True football atmosphere
On the Schachen hiking tour in Garmisch-Partenkirchen